For over thirty years I was in the investment industry with most of that time spent in portfolio management with the Ivy Funds at Mackenzie Investments.  I have now established my own investment consulting firm: Paddington Capital Management Incorporated.

I spend a lot of my time writing for my blog, Paulitical Economy™, which I started in June of 2022 with the goal of giving my family and friends a brief summary in layperson’s terms of what’s going on in the world from an economic, corporate and monetary perspective.  I have also written a book to help people understand how our monetary system extracts capital from them and how a select few benefit tremendously from it.  I hope to have the book published in the coming months.

The world has veered onto a dangerous and divisive path resulting from what I believe to be fallacious economic doctrine that promises something from nothing.  But I have great faith in people and believe that through our collective efforts we’ll be able to turn things around and steer the world in a more productive and fair direction.