Post 203

A snapshot of what’s going on in the world’s economy.  Financial Ructions and book reviews can be a bit more technical so feel free to skip them.  See disclaimer at the end of this note.


  • What has really caused the housing affordability crisis.
    • Some are really starting to feel it.
  • Semiconductor sales are still falling at a double-digit rate.
    • Equipment cancellations would suggest that the rebound may be further away than previously expected
  • Some delusional, self-serving thinking on housing supply?
  • A bit more on the Twinkie.
  • Advertising spending is still growing.
  • Nuclear power is more in vogue.
  • In Financial Ructions we see how well policymakers are “watching” things.
  • I start the review of Deposit Banking in Rothbard’s The Mystery of Banking, but it will be in a number of parts as it’s a long chapter.