Some nice words written in by Paulitical Economy™ subscribers…

I used to read FT, WSJ, NY Times each day when I lived in Manhattan and text used to be printed on paper . Your letter is just better ! -MK

This is becoming a must read for me. -AC

I really enjoyed this week’s post. Lots of good information on the housing market, debt levels, and other “real life” topics. -MD

Great and informative, I always learn a few things from you -CN

I wish I had an opportunity to read your musings years ago.  Entertaining, informative, oh ya did I say entertaining?  Keep them coming…I appreciate your view on things.  I’m definitely aligned with your thought process. –AG

Your narratives are excellent! Well done. -AP

I want to thank you for putting together the information you send out in such a user friendly and complete way. It can be a challenge for those of us not familiar with finance to know what is meaningful, how to interpret global market activity, how Canada’s economy fits into the larger picture and what that means for Canadian business and citizens. I always learn something new from your communications and it sparks conversation in my household. -LB